Neck Patch



产品规格:14贴/盒 立即选购


Aiaitie Neck Patch

Nature's "neck masseur"

Mugwort essence - warming care - soothe fatigue

Product Specifications: 14 patches/bag

Mugwort, known as the "Oriental medical herb" since ancient times, warm but not dry, has been used as healing herbal since the Shang and Zhou dynasties hundreds of years ago.

It is made of herb fresh mugwort, which is ground, extracted and purified from mugwort extract through multiple processes, together with four kinds of herbal extracts: ginger oil, eucalyptus oil, peppermint and ice chips, combined with the design of the patch, so that the plant extracts can quickly penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, protect the body with mugwort, deliver natural energy, last for 3 hours, and provide a new experience for the shoulder and neck of high-pressure people in the workplace. It provides a new experience for high-pressure people in the workplace to reduce the burden on their shoulders and necks and start a journey of "neck" power.