Moxa Stick



产品规格:26mm*200mm*5支/袋 立即选购


Aiaitie Moxa Stick

Redefine the standard of moxa stick

Three years aged moxa - 6 process of purification

Product specification: 26mm*200mm*5pcs/bag

The moxa stickes are selected from three years aged moxa grown in 29°-31°N latitude area, purified by six processes, the moxa punk is fine and soft like cotton without adulteration, the color is pure and non-smoky, emitting light moxa fragrance, finely burned with white smoke, non-irritating and non-choking, fully burned, the ashes are gray, burning out condensed and not scattered, in line with the standard of high purity moxa stick.

The use of high-quality moxa sticker brand moxibustion in the ancient method of suspension moxibustion when the fire is mild and not dry. It does not hurt the muscles and veins, strong penetration, strong sense of moxibustion.