Portable Suspension Moxibustion Box



产品规格:黄铜艾灸盒×1个、滤烟艾灸包×1个、专用固定带×1条、艾灸条×36条/袋 立即选购


Aiaitie Portable Suspension Moxibustion Box

Become your own healer with smoke-free moxibustion

Ancient moxibustion Deep penetration Universal use

[Product Specifications ] 1 brass moxibustion box, 1 smoke-filtering moxibustion bag, 1 special fixing belt, 36 moxa rolls/bag

The moxibustion box is inspired by open fire moxibustion, using moxa pillar + moxibustion bag with the use of a large number of moxa heat energy, while improving the traditional moxibustion innovation, the use of high dense weave technology, the effective filtration of soot particles, breathable and impermeable to smoke. The moxa energy go through the microporous penetration, directly to the skin, so that the application of moxibustion parts to enhance the sense of moxibustion by 30%, warm through the meridians, burning time up to 90 minutes. it is a type of more effective moxibustion. It is easy to enjoy a soothing journey of body and mind.

Three years of aging herb moxa, six purification, moxa fine, a pinch forming impurities, higher total flavonoid content.

The product is easy to assemble and disassemble, the button design, can be spliced at will, flexible straps, and it is suitable for many parts of the body; plush fabric wrapped copper box in all directions, avoiding direct contact with the skin, plush density is 30% higher than ordinary fabric, cloud soft and skin-friendly, comfortable to the touch.